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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Desert Sun Ceramics began with a basic vision - to share the wonders of clay and teach people of all experience levels to unlock their creativity through ceramics.  


Our Studio Space

Desert Sun Ceramics provides a space where clay, creativity, and community meet!


Our studio is fully equipped with enough workspace to accommodate dozens of artists simultaneously through classes, memberships, and workshops.


Currently, the studio is shared by a diverse group of 18 Open Studio members and 24/7 studio members. 

Studio Equipment:

  • 10 electric wheels

  • throwing & handbuilding tools

  • electric kilns

  • raku kiln

  • large work tables

  • extruder

  • slab roller

  • studio glazes

  • glaze sprayer

  • discount recycled clay

Contact Us


phone: 435-268-2233

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