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Desert Sun Ceramics is a creative space for people of all experience levels to learn & play with clay! Our community studio offers 8-week courses for beginners, as well as monthly memberships for budding artists and experienced potters alike.*


* Desert Sun is temporarily operating as a private studio for Associate Artist Members or by appointment only. If you're new to the studio and would like to inquire about classes, lessons, or membership, please email to make an appointment with Hayley. A new schedule of open studio hours will be announced soon, please stay tuned! 

Kiln Firings:

All pieces are twice-fired, first to cone 06, and then to a glaze firing temp of cone 6. We fire the kiln as fast as we can fill it up! This ranges from 1-3 times per week, depending on how much work is dried and/or glazed, and ready for firing.


Studio Equipment:

  • 8 electric wheels & 1 kickwheel

  • 2 electric kilns

  • 1 extruder

  • 1 slab roller

  • 20+ glazes

  • 1 glaze sprayer

  • 3 work tables

Clay bodies available for purchase:

  • Laguna SB Red – Dark red earthenware, fired to cone 5-6

  • Laguna Speckled Buff – Light brown stoneware, fired to cone 5-6

  • Continental B Clay – White stoneware, fired to cone 6-10

Shelf Space: 

Studio memberships include shelf space for tools, materials, and projects. We are happy to make more space as needed for your individual projects.